Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Location and Directions


The gallery is located in the St. Patrick’s Building, at the north end of the campus. St. Patrick’s is the building highlighted in red on the map below.

Directions to the Gallery

By car:

Take Bronson Avenue to the Sunnyside Avenue entrance to the campus. Drive straight ahead and cross the bridge over the O-Train tracks. At the stop sign, turn right and drive straight ahead into the P18 parkade. There is only one entrance to the parkade, located on the west side of the structure. See below for parkade instructions.

By bus:

OC Transpo Route 4 and Route 7 serve the campus all day, seven days a week. Catch Route 4 downtown on Rideau or Queen Streets, or transfer to Route 4 at Hurdman or Billings Bridge stations. Catch Route 7 downtown on Bank or Rideau Streets.

OC Transpo route #111 serves the campus Monday to Friday and connects with Algonquin College. Catch Route 111 at Baseline Station, Billings Bridge, or along Meadowlands.

The bus stop closest to the Gallery, number 6612, is located along the west side of Campus Avenue, just before the Residence Commons building.

By O-Train:

The O-Train provides service to Carleton from the transit stations at Bayview (Lebreton Flats) and Greenboro (South Keys) with stops at Carling and Confederation.


All parking for visitors to the north end of campus is located in the P18 parkade, which is built over the O-train tracks. There is one entrance to the parkade, located on the west side. Please enter the parkade, purchase a ticket at a "Pay by plate" machine, display the ticket on your vehicle's dashboard, and find a spot anywhere in the parkade. The parkade is a three-level structure; there are 4 "Pay by plate" machines on each level, one in each corner.

The parking rates are: Weekdays: $4.00 per hour / $13 daily maximum / $10 evening rate (after 4:00 p.m.) Weekends: $6.00 all-day flat rate. Parking is enforced daily from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Special Event Parking

We sell parking passes ($5.00 flat rate) to select CUAG weekend and evening events. Just drive up to the roundabout outside the tunnel entrance, near Leeds House residence. A CUAG staff member will be standing just inside the tunnel. You can purchase a hang tag and hang it on your rear-view mirror. Then, park anywhere in the nearby P18 parkade, the big concrete parkade that is built over the O-train tracks.