Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Front desk monitors

Academic year:

Each year, CUAG offers five part-time monitor jobs to undergraduate and graduate students. Front desk monitors greet and interact with visitors, answer the telephone, carry out cash transactions, enforce gallery rules, work at openings and receptions, and ensure the safety of the art installed in the gallery.

CUAG only hires students who are approved for positions through Carleton’s Work Study program. You can obtain a Work Study application from the Awards Office in Robertson Hall (202) in the summer; you should apply as early as possible, as funds are limited. Once you’ve applied, and are waiting for your application to be reviewed, please contact the gallery’s administrative assistant to indicate your interest in a gallery job. Interviews generally take place during the first two weeks of the fall term.

Front desk monitors work approximately 10 hours each week; the salary is set by the Work Study office. Two of the five monitors are designated as senior monitors, and will be responsible for staffing the gallery each weekend.


Each summer, CUAG hires two part-time monitors. The positions are open to anyone. Both monitors work every weekend, and two weekdays, for a total of 24 hours each week. If you are interested in applying, please email a cover letter and your resumé to the gallery’s administrative assistant by 15 March.