Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG


A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Life and Art of Gerald Trottier (2008)

  • Essay by Sandra Dyck

Akram Zaatari: All Is Well (2014)

  • With essays by Vicky Moufawad-Paul and Judith Rodenbeck

Always Vessels (2017)

  • A free PDF catalogue featuring texts by exhibition curator Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow

Anthony Burnham: Even Space Does Not Repeat (2011)

  • With essays by Marie-Ève Charron, Diana Nemiroff, and Naomi Potter; Co-published with the Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff

Black Against White: John J.A. Murphy, Master of the Modern Wood Engraving (2008)

  • Essays by Deborah Kirk, Katy Laird, Stephanie Martel, Katy McIntyre, Karla McManus, Carly Riordan, Wendy Salisbury and Curtis Wolfe

Carol Wainio: The Book (2010)

  • Essays by Don Beecher and Randy Innes

Construction Work: Josée Dubeau, Lorraine Gilbert, Jinny Yu (2010)

  • Essay by Petra Halkes

Conversation Pieces: African Textiles from Barbara and Bill McCann’s Collection (2011)

  • Essays by Catherine Hale, Barbara McCann, and Pius Adesanmi

Dennis Tourbin: The Language of Visual Poetry

  • Featuring texts by Marcie Bronson, Guy Lachapelle, Diana Nemiroff and Judith Parker

Dorset Seen (2017) SOLD OUT

  • Featuring essays by Leslie Boyd and Sandra Dyck, and interviews by Boyd of Tim Pitsiulak and Ningiukulu Teevee

Erin Shirreff: Available Light (2013)

  • With essays by Sandra Dyck and Jan Allen, and an interview between Jenifer Papararo and Erin Shirreff

Frank Shebageget: Light Industry (2010)

  • Essay by Sandra Dyck

Howie Tsui’s Horror Fables (2009)

  • Essay by Emily Falvey

In Dialogue (2018)

  • A free PDF catalogue featuring texts by exhibition organizer John G. Hampton, David Garneau and Nadia Myre

Invention and Revival: The Colour Drypoints of David Milne and John Hartman (2008)

  • Essays by Rosemarie Tovell and Anne-Marie Ninacs; dialogue between John Hartman and David Milne Jr.

Jocelyne Alloucherie: Climats (Climates) (2012)

  • With essays by Jocelyne Alloucherie, Diana Nemiroff and Johanne Sloan

Justin Wonnacott: I Remember and I Forget (2011)

  • Essay by Lilly Koltun

Leslie Reid: A Darkening Vision (2013)

  • Features an essay by Diana Nemiroff

Making Otherwise: Craft and Material Fluency in Contemporary Art (2018)

  • Featuring texts by Heather Anderson, Anthea Black and Nicole Burisch

Making the News in 18th-Century France (2012)

  • With an essay and catalogue entries by Stéphane Roy

Mathew Reichertz: Garbage (2016)

  • With an introduction by Benjamin Woo and an essay by Robin Metcalfe

Meryl McMaster: Confluence (2016) SOLD OUT

  • Featuring essays by Gabrielle Moser and cheyanne turions, and an interview with Meryl McMaster by Heather Anderson

Michèle Provost: Selling Out (2010)

  • Essay by Sandra Dyck

Milutin Gubash (2013)

  • With essays by Sylvain Campeau, Sandra Dyck, Annie Gauthier, Katarina Gubash, Marie-Claude Landry, Shirley Madill, Crystal Mowry, Mathilde Roman.

Nadia Myre: Encounters (2011)

  • Essays by Sandra Dyck, Amanda Jane Graham, Édith-Anne Pageot, and Colette Tougas

Pascal Grandmaison: Le grand jour / Double Take (2009)

  • Essays by Diana Nemiroff and Sara Knelman

Photomontage Between the Wars, 1918-1939 (2012)

  • With an essay by Adrian Sudhalter; Co-published with Fundación Juan March, Madrid

Re: Working Together / Re: Travailler ensemble (2019)

  • Heather Anderson and Marie-Hélène Leblanc

Rebecca Belmore: March 5, 1819 (2018)

  • Featuring texts by Jennifer Adese, Heather Anderson, Kristina Huneault and Ingeborg Marshall, and a conversation between Glenn Alteen and Rebecca Belmore

Reverse Engineered / Rétro-ingénerie: Alexandre Castonguay and Mathieu Bouchard (2009)

  • Essay by Nicole Gingras

Robert Houle: Pahgedenaun (2019)

  • Featuring texts by Robert Houle, Sandra Dyck and Paul Hess

Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick (2015)

  • Featuring essays by Adrian Blackwell and Kathleen Ritter Co-published by SFU Galleries, Oakville Galleries and CUAG

Sanattiaqsimajut: Inuit Art from the Carleton University Art Gallery Collection (2009)

  • Essays by Drew Armour, Shannon Bagg, Jennifer Cartwright, Mary-Louise Davis, Sandra Dyck, Dorothy Harley Eber, Bernadette Driscoll Engelstad, Patricia Feheley, Jennifer Gibson, Linda Grussani, Ingo Hessel, Anna Hudson, Heather Igloliorte, Marion Jackson, Robert Kardosh, Christine Lalonde, Kenneth Lister, Jenny McMaster, Melania Medd, Krystina Mierins, Marybelle Mitchell, Wendy Moir, Judith Nasby, Crystal Parsons, Marie Routledge, Leslie Boyd Ryan, Terrence Ryan, Pitaloosie Saila, Laura Schneider, Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok, Norman Vorano, Cynthia Waye, Sally Qimmiunaaq Webster, Darlene Coward Wight, Norman Zepp

Sandra Meigs: Strange Loop (2009)

  • Essay by Diana Nemiroff

Shuvinai Ashoona Drawings (2012) SOLD OUT

  • Essay by Sandra Dyck

Y & G #12 (curtain walls) (2014)

  • With essays by George Baird and Diana Nemiroff