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Steve Giasson as Others / Steve Giasson comme les autres

Curated by Jean-Michel Quirion

10 May – 23 August 2020

Steve Giasson’s conceptual work builds on pre-existing artworks, appropriating them in order to undermine his position as “author.”
The exhibition Steve Giasson as Others / Steve Giasson comme les autres reflects on works by conceptual and pop artists such as Suzy Lake, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, Luigi Ontani, Cindy Sherman, Haim Steinbach, Andy Warhol and William Wegman. During their careers, these artists have (re)presented themselves costumed, masked or made up, adopting postures that are both humorous and critical of their place within their work—and of society.
Gathering (self-) portraits made by these artists, Giasson reactivates them, using disguises and accessories to question and recombine their works with his own, thus blurring authorship in the creation of new photographs. In so doing, Giasson presents some of the myths that still shape the figure of the artist (whether chimerical, clownesque, glorious, heroic, monstrous, political, sanctified, etc.) and proposes layered self-portraits that exist in relation to those of other artists.

Laura Taler: THREE SONGS

Curated by Heather Anderson

10 May – 23 August 2020

In an ambitious spatial video installation, Ottawa-based artist Laura Taler grapples with questions raised by experiences of migration. Appearing as her döppleganger, Taler sings a Romanian folk song in a forest in Germany; an Argentinean tango at her late Grandmother’s house in Romania; and in Berlin’s historic Theatre im Delphi and Gipsformerei—one of the world’s largest plaster cast replica workshops—a Yiddish song describing a bygone era full of food, wine and celebration.

Catalyzed by the artist’s past and by the current refugee crisis, THREE SONGS explores questions of what it is to be “foreign” and of language, untranslatability, loss, mourning and the reshaping of identity. How does one make a home in a different place, come to terms with what has been left behind, and imagine and create new futures?