Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Upcoming Exhibitions

Robert Houle: Pahgedenaun

Curated by Sandra Dyck

15 January – 29 April 2018

Kanata: Robert Houle’s Histories (1993) was the first solo exhibition of a contemporary artist presented at CUAG, soon after our founding in 1992. Twenty-five years later, CUAG is honoured to present an exhibition that brings together several recent bodies of drawings and paintings by the internationally acclaimed Saulteaux artist. In these works, Houle addresses the traumas he experienced as a child, while attending the residential school located in his home community of Sandy Bay First Nation, on the western shore of Lake Manitoba. The Roman Catholic school was run by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and in operation from 1905-1970. Pahgedenaun is a Saulteaux word expressing the self-defining and self-determining act of “letting go,” embodied in Houle’s profoundly powerful and unsettling art works, which embody acts of memory, truth-telling, survivance and healing.

Sun K. Kwak: Untying Space_CUAG

Curated by Euijung McGillis

15 January – 29 April 2018

“My drawings are born through the communion between the material and the spiritual, wherein my own self is constantly reflected emptying itself.” - Sun K. Kwak

Untying Space is Kwak’s “Space Drawing” series, which she has been practicing since 1995. Using black masking tapes as her primary medium, Kwak reinvigorates and redefines architecturally inert space with rhythmic, expressive and dynamic lines and shapes.  In her first solo exhibition in Canada, the artist will create a site-specific “Space Drawing” in CUAG’s mezzanine space over a two-week period. Kwak aims to reify “new pictorial reality,” reflecting inherent interlocutory elements of the university art gallery as a site of creative encounters.
Kwak currently lives and works in New York City.  She has exhibited internationally including at the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, (Taichung) and the Korean National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul).

Linda Sormin: Fierce Passengers

Curated by Heather Anderson

15 January – 29 April 2018

Bangkok-born Canadian ceramicist Linda Sormin creates large-scale ceramic and mixed media installations that explore issues of fragility and mobility, survival and regeneration. Over a period of two weeks, Sormin will create a site-specific installation integrating Leda clay, a potent local metaphor in Leda clay, whose prevalence in Ottawa makes the region especially vulnerable to earthquakes: the clay turns to liquid when agitated.