Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Maura Doyle: the Vessel, that with fugitive Articulation answer’d, how deep is your love?

Curated by Heather Anderson

02 May – 28 August 2016

Winner of the “Innovation in Collection-Based Exhibition” Award, 40th annual Ontario Association of Art Galleries Awards

How do we know a pot? Expanding upon her ongoing interest in the form and history of the pot, Maura Doyle considers the vessel, a hollow form with a hole, and how we come to know it through interaction and use, representation, and museum display. Rich in metaphor, pots have been written about by poets and writers for thousands of years, including Persian poet Omar Khayyam, whose translated The Rubaiyat (1120A.C.E.) inspires the exhibition’s title.

Doyle considers the making of pots as a collaborative effort between the pot, the potter, and over ten thousand years of history. To consider these relationships further, she selected a number of pre-Columbian pots from Carleton University’s collection and over repeated visits communed with them, meditating with a focus on a single sense (sight, touch and sound) for each sitting.
The pot is a vessel, a body, connected to the outside by an orifice. It has an unknown interior space, which we think we know from the outside, but in fact we do not know and will not know, for if we break open a pot, the space and the pot are lost.

Maura Doyle is the third artist in the Collection Invitational series.

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