Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

David Kaarsemaker. Pictures

Curated by Heather Anderson

18 August – 14 September 2014

David Kaarsemaker’s work explores and questions the relationship between the practice of painting, the physical world, and memory. He begins with the rooms or houses that he remembers most vividly from his life, building maquettes of these spaces, which he combines with photographs, projected images, maps, grids, shadows, reflections, and views of his studio space and exterior landscapes.

Kaarsemaker uses these and other source materials in the creation of layered compositions that integrate multiple, shifting points of view, as a means of reflecting on the ways that memories are always incomplete and ever-changing. As Kaarsemaker says, “Memories are warped by the stories we construct to fit our evolving identities. These stories, in the telling, are like architecture. We move through them, they fall apart and are repaired, and they give shape to our experience.”

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