Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Submission of exhibition proposals from artists, freelance curators, and galleries:

Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) is dedicated to research, exhibitions, and publications exploring leading contemporary and historical art by professional artists from the region, across Canada, and increasingly, abroad. CUAG positions itself as a curatorial laboratory, creating innovative and challenging exhibitions that take risks and critically reflect the diversity of and debates within contemporary art practice, integrating occasional historical exhibitions as counterpoints to its contemporary art focus.

As a university art gallery, CUAG emphasizes the role of research in developing each exhibition, underscoring the immense value that the unique research its curators and writers undertake and disseminate has for artists, their work, and contemporary art discourse more widely. Exhibitions are organized by the curator, director, guest curators, and student curators. Our program is set approximately two years in advance.

While CUAG does not actively solicit submissions, artists and curators are welcome to send us informational packages, which will be reviewed periodically by the director and curator in light of our mandate and program priorities. CUAG does not have a formal submission deadline and submission packages will not necessarily receive a response or be returned.